Holy Week Hangover

Don’t get too excited.  I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol.

Each year, I grow exceedingly disappointed with Holy Week.  When I was a child, Holy Week kicked off with kids waving palm branches and shouting, “Hosanna!”  These days, I’m lucky to hear a sermon about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry at all–let alone see a palm branch.

Good Friday this year was even more disappointing. I was grateful to have the day off but my church didn’t have a Good Friday service. How can we truly appreciate the glorious Risen Lord on Sunday if we don’t reflect on his agony on Friday? He did the work on Friday. Churches that don’t hold a Good Friday service are like children who open the most spectacular present that can be had on Christmas morning with no thought of the work it took to acquire it. Eternal life is the most magnificent gift that God gave to man…purchased at the price of his only begotten Son and get we barely notice Good Friday.

These days, Easter Sunday is barely different from any other Sunday. There may be a little talk of the Resurrected Jesus but more often than not, the pastor only pays a little lip service to Him. I wonder how many pastors across America yesterday made some aspect of April Fool’s Day a part of their sermon. I get it. Pastors want to be cute and clever and hey! April Fool’s Day is made for cuteness and cleverness. Nevertheless, cute and clever do not begin to reveal the glory of our Risen Savior and anyone who tied April Fool’s Day into their sermon yesterday should be ashamed.

Friends, we need to get serious about what we’re doing at church. Not just during Holy Week but all year long! There should be a difference between us and the world.